Canon EOS 40D Reviews

dpreview.comWhen I first started using the EOS 40D a simple description came to mind: that this is a 'well sorted camera'. It feels well rounded - the result of years of evolutionary improvement, it delivers in almost every area, and it inspires confidence. From a usability point of view the viewfinder feels larger, ergonomics are good, the user interface is clear and easy to learn, there are no in-use performance issues, metering and auto-focus show good consistency and the results speak for themselves; colorful (yet accurate) detailed images with low noise even at high sensitivities.
cameralabs.comUltimately the EOS 40D is a superb DSLR which confidently earns our Highly Recommended rating - just be aware there’s at least two very worthy rivals to seriously consider.
letsgodigital.orgLet's be honest; the Canon EOS 40D is a D-SLR camera that is about the most complete a camera can be. It is a solid camera, with excellent auto focus, a silent shutter and mirror, a beautiful viewfinder and fine operation. On top of that Live View works perfectly, you can walk in the rain with the camera and it is an excellent tool with high quality functions.
imaging-resource.comThe new Canon 40D offers a very mature set of features in a camera that's priced lower than its predecessors. It also offers as much value and image quality as competing designs that are hundreds of dollars more. Canon's pro SLR designs have always been conservative, and they didn't try to leap-frog the market with a higher resolution sensor; instead they stuck to a 10-megapixel sensor size that would deliver the quality that Canon fans are used to.
bobatkins.comThe EOS 40D is the best yet of Canon's prosumer line of DSLRs (D30, D60, D10, D20 and D30). Each has offered more features than the last, and done it at a lower price. The EOS 40D clearly follows in this tradition. It's a very good camera and I can recommend it. I didn't just review the 40D, I bought one myself, so that should tell you something! The crop sensor combined with state-of-the-art systems makes the Canon 40D the best digital SLR body for budget-conscious wildlife photographers. Adding the 6.5 frames per second capture rate makes the 40D the best digital SLR body for sports photographers who don't want to buy the Canon EOS 1D Mark III
luminous-landscape.comMy time with the 40D was short, but I found that shooting about a thousand frames over a long weekend was all I needed to be able to draw some preliminary conclusions. These are, in brief, that the image quality of the 40D is excellent, continuing the industry-leading results that Canon has offered for the past 5-6 years. I didn't see any breakthrough in low noise at the highest ISOs, but as with the EOS 5D ISO 400 is essentially noiseless and can be used as an everyday speed. Noise doesn't really become an issue until ISO 1600 and even then isn't that objectionable.
the-digital-picture.comThe 40D offers enough improvements over the 30D to make an upgrade justifiable. Watch for them at the next wedding or other event you attend. And no less important will be the huge number of family memories preserved with the 40D. With its all-around good performance combined with the densest Canon DSLR sensor available, the 40D will have a large number of wildlife (especially bird) photographers as its owners. I'll personally be making the 40D part of my kit (replacing my 30D).
popphoto.comExcellent image quality in the lab translates to excellent image quality in the field if a camera's autofocus, exposure and metering systems, and viewfinder are all top notch. And here, the 40D is hard to beat. Its AF system is among the fastest and most sensitive we've tested, capable of extremely high speeds in bright to moderate light, and decent performance down to EV-2.
dcresource.comIt's hard not to like the Canon EOS-40D. It's a digital SLR that does just about everything you could possibly want -- and it does them all well. While it remains to be seen how it will compare to new offerings from the competition, the 40D is still good enough to recommend without the slightest hesitation.
photographyreview.comThe 40D fits well in Canon’s current digital SLR lineup, filling that gap between the Digital Rebel XTi / 400D and the EOS-1D Mark III. The size, ergonomics, build quality, and usability are all on par with what Canon users want. While the 40D is regarded as a “prosumer” model, I know of several professionals using it for work. This Canon EOS 40D is a versatile work tool and performed equally well for sports and studio photography.
So, at the end of this long review you’re probably if you should you buy a Canon EOS 40D? In short, YES! While there are a few features I dislike about this camera, they are minimal in comparison to the camera’s impressive features and performance.
steves-digicams.comCertainly, the 40D is the best performance-cost value that Canon has ever offered, with a street price of just US$1299 or less (Body only). While the 40D is perfect for advanced amateurs, it will appeal to entry-level professional photographers too. The large LCD and improved menu structure make this camera a breeze to use. Canon fans will find the EOS 40D to be a wonderful camera and an excellent choice compared to most of the dSLRs in its price class.
ephotozine.comThe 40D offers a distinct step up from the 30D in terms of image quality and speed of handling and shooting. It has a very good build quality with plenty of buttons for often-used features, but there are some handling issues, and it's annoying to have to go into the menu system to turn certain features - like ISO3200 and Live View - on instead of them being ready to use straight away.
outbackphoto.comThe Canon 40D is a major update to the previous model the Canon EOS 30D. The 40D inherits quite a few features from the big brother the Canon EOS 1D Mark III.
kenrockwell.comIn a lab, I'll bet you that the image quality of the Rebel XTi is about the same as the 40D. The difference is that the 40D works faster, is built tougher, and the AF of the 40D ought to be more accurate and faster. Better AF can mean sharper pictures.
digitalcamerainfo.comCurrent EOS 30D owners who use multiple bodies, such as wedding photographers, may be put off by the reassignment and repositioning of the buttons on the top and back of the camera. But for first time DSLR owners or single body shooters, the 40D provides Canon's characteristically excellent image quality, solid build, and convenience.