The new Canon EOS 50D digital SLR, announced by Canon and expected to be released in October, has many of the same features as the EOS 40D, but, in comparison with the previous models it is of a higher quality because of some new features.
In the Hasami industrial complex, Higashi Sonogi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, a new plant will be built by Canon Inc.
Most of photographers (both beginners and experienced ones) in Europe trust Canon.

From the end of July Canon is going to offer its entry-level customers a new digital SLR camera, called the EOS 1000D.

Canon is working on its own answer to Nikon's low-end D40 cameras, a publication claims.

Filed by Canon patent application (The US Patent Application Publication Pub. No. 20080081236), reveals technology that would effectively incorporate fuel cell technology in DSLRs and other consumer electronic devices.

Four Canon products were recognized with "Best Product 2008" awards by the prestigious Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), representing 30 photography and imaging magazines across 13 European countries.

Video from PMA2008 about Rebel XSI Digital SLR camera (EOS 450D).